3rd Party Warranty Information

Warranty & Insurance Company Collaborations With H&L Automotive

H&L Automotive is proud to be ONE OF THE ONLY shops in the Pittsburgh area who will work with insurance companies & 3rd Party-Used Vehicle Warranty companies. We understand that navigating the intricacies of Insurance, Extended, and Aftermarket Warranty companies can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Here's how we handle working with your warranty/insurance company:

  1. Coordination and Communication: We're more than happy to contact your insurance or warranty company on your behalf to explore repair coverage options for your vehicle. Our dedicated team at H&L Automotive handles the administrative tasks, which includes initiating the conversation and providing all necessary vehicle details, part and labor information, findings and coordinating with adjusters.

  2. Adjuster Verification: In some cases, your warranty/insurance company may dispatch an adjuster to validate the repair requirements. This may temporarily pause work on your vehicle, as the adjuster examines it on a lift.

  3. Customer Pay Fees: All initial/updated estimates must be approved as Customer Pay. Any warranted items will be deducted from the total of the Final Invoice.

    • All vehicles are required to be diagnosed on-site by H&L Automotive, regardless if they have been diagnosed elsewhere or "if you know what your vehicle needs". Every concern will have a separate diagnosis fee associated with it. A minimum of (1 hr) $150 diagnosis is assigned to every vehicle. This allows our technicians to diagnose the vehicle concern and helps to alleviate the substantial administrative workload, covering tasks such as contacting third-party payers, collaborating with field adjusters/inspectors, filing supplements, and collecting payments. (Sometimes we are on the phone with your warranty/insurance company off and on for hours!)

    • The warranty/insurance company may or may not cover the diagnosis & repair in full. The customer is responsible for any and all charges not covered by the warranty/insurance company.
  4. Labor Rate: Our labor rate is $150/hr.

  5. Upfront Authorization: To streamline the process, we require customers to authorize the minimum $150 diagnosis fee/initial estimate for diagnosis upfront before initiating any work. This ensures a smooth collaboration and efficient handling of your vehicle's repair needs. It is also required by your warranty/insurance company that we have you authorize & sign for all diagnosis and work to be completed throughout the repair process. This includes the initial estimate, every updated estimate, and your final invoice once the work is completed. Initial estimate, and updated estimates can be authorized & signed for remotely via electronic signature. Your signature and payment for your final invoice are required to be made in-person.

  6. Storage Fee: Any vehicle that left on the premises without having work performed for a length of time (Generally 72 hrs but ultimately up to manager discretion) will be assessed a $25/day storage fee. This fee will not be assessed for downtime caused by the warranty/insurance company or caused by delays receiving parts. It is assessed after the diagnosis/approval from the warranty/insurance company and after work completion. (Example: Vehicle has been diagnosed & approved by warranty but waiting on customer approval. Customers have 3 days to approve before storage is assessed. Then when work is completed the customer has 3 days to pay and pick the vehicle up before storage is assessed.)

  7. Customer Supplied Parts: No customer supplied parts are permitted.

  8. Discounts: No discounts or coupons are honored for warranty/insurance work

At H&L Automotive, our aim is to provide transparent and efficient service while minimizing the burden of warranty company interactions on our customers. We believe this approach allows us to maintain the highest standards of service and repair quality, and provide Automotive Excellence!


H&L Automotive has been great. Honest and reliable mechanics. Really good customer service! I highly recommend this repair shop. They are good people

Mike is an absolutely awesome mechanic! Went to another shop that wanted to remove the dash to fix the problem for big $$$. Mike was able to diagnose and repair the issue without it costing a fortune to fix. Professional, personable, and customer satisfaction is the best way to describe H&L automotive.

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Mike was prompt and professional. Explained other things with my car that were an issue and options thoroughly. I will definitely go back!


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